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We at Insurance World of Delray Beach have a very strong commitment to provide specialized, high quality personalized insurance coverage to our customers at reasonable prices and in an efficient and accurate manner. We have been providing quality service to our customers for over 30 years.

We are committed to helping you manage the risks that arise in everyday life. If the unexpected strikes, we will do everything we can to help you recover your quality of life as soon as possible.

We are guided by highest standards of integrity and professionalism so you can be sure that our recommendations will help you obtain the best insurance coverage for your unique circumstances, in the right amount and at a price that fits your budget.

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We’ve used Insurance World of Delray Beach for over 7 years and they’ve always found us the lowest rates in Florida.
Brian W., Coconut Creek, FL
I was fed up with the big brand insurance company I had because of their poor service. I’m so glad I switched to Insurance World of Delray Beach… They actually care about me as a customer!
Sara B., Melbourne, FL
Calling Evan at Insurance World of Delray Beach makes my life easier! When I have a question about my home, car or business policies, he’s there when I need him!
Jon F., Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Auto Insurance

we know that insuring your vehicle is more than just a basic obligation. It’s a vital and legal necessity in your world…and these days, your needs may go well beyond “basic.”

That’s why we have spent 30 years building our reputation in the community providing the best in Auto insurance, to bring you more than simple coverage. Auto insurance comes with quality coverage, convenience, and personalized service far beyond basic. Yes, it can cover injuries and damages caused by an accident, if you’re legally responsible. However, we go further, delivering the accessibility, convenience, and options you want, along with the personal touch of a local agent.

Home Insurance

Your home is probably your most valuable financial investment. But it’s so much more than that! Your home represents your family, your lifestyle, your escape from the world outside, and that reward for years of hard work and dedication.

Insurance World of Delray Beach understands how vital it is to protect that. That’s why we’ve spent 30 years in Florida protecting homes, so we are experts on the unique needs of a Florida house. With our assistance you get so much more than just coverage.

RV Insurance

Is there anything better than the open road in front of you, your loved one beside you, and a company you can trust behind you? We don’t think so. And that’s what you get when you hit the road with our insurance hand-picked for you by the experts at Insurance World of Delray Beach.

We’ve found the best companies that specialize in RV insurance. Companies you can trust. Companies that know the only thing an RV and a car have in common are the wheels. Whether you have a pop-up camper or a Class A Motorhome, you’ll find the coverage advice you need all in one place.

Renters Insurance

Whether you rent a house or an apartment, protect your possessions with our renters insurance, and you could end up saving thousands. The landlord of your apartment has insurance, but it probably only covers the building where you live — not your belongings or your liability for accidents.

If your possessions are stolen during a break-in or damaged by a fire or severe weather, a renters insurance policy can allow you to recover their value. If someone is injured during an accident in your home, renters insurance can help protect you in the case a liability lawsuit.

Motorcycle Insurance

Finding a great deal on your motorcycle insurance doesn’t need to be time consuming, or expensive, so we’ve made it as quick and as easy as possible for you to get the best quote from leading bike insurance providers.

From mopeds to scooters, to cruisers and sports bikes, we have teamed up with leading insurers to bring you some of the best prices on the market today, and all it takes is one simple phone call and a few minutes! Whether you use your bike to get you to and from work or for an afternoon ride in the countryside, having the right bike insurance is essential and that’s where we come in!

Flood Insurance

Flooding is a serious risk in Florida due to the state’s geography and proximity to water, both inland and on the coast. Insurance to cover this risk is not typically provided in a homeowner’s policy, so it must be purchased separately. Depending on a home’s location, flood insurance may be a required purchase as a condition of a mortgage.

Flood insurance covers the structure of your home and your personal property from flood damage. But here’s the thing; regular water damage and flood damage can be separate, specific conditions when it comes to property insurance.

Watercraft Insurance

You love your boat. You love sailing it around the beautiful waters off the coast of FL. Whether you’re on the Gulf side or the Atlantic side, or even down near the Caribbean, you want to protect your investment. We are here to help repair or replace your ship should it get damaged.

Just because you pilot it safely doesn’t mean every boater on the water is as safety conscious. All it takes to ruin your day on the water is an inexperienced, intoxicated, or careless boater to hit your boat. Or a storm could come up. We work with leading boat insurance companies that specialize in Florida policies.

Umbrella Policies

Umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy. With the common occurrence of lawsuits, it is a must for every home, auto and watercraft owner. As many Americans are finding out, you don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued like one.

Insurance World of Delray Beach offers an Umbrella policy to supplement the basic liability coverage provided by our auto, home and boat policies. Get extra liability coverage beyond that provided in your underlying auto, home or boat policy. An umbrella policy broadens your coverage. And, if you are involved in a lawsuit, you have the security of extra liability protection.

Commercail Vehicles

Commercial auto insurance is there to protect your company vehicle, your employees, and other assets that come along with business ownership. There are many scenarios which can occur where you want to make sure you are covered with commercial auto insurance. Having commercial auto insurance can protect companies from financial losses if their company vehicle causes injury or property damage during an accident.

Commercial auto insurance is there to protect your business and provide high limits of accountability and many other financial benefits to help fight claims in court. Call us today for commercial auto or truck insurance that will guard your business by helping you invest into the right insurance policy.

Commercial General Liability

If you have a business in Florida you need Florida commercial general liability insurance. We can help get the coverage you need to protect your business and assets.

Liability insurance, also called Commercial General Liability (CGL), covers four categories of events for which you could be held responsible: bodily injury; damage to others’ property; personal injury, including slander and libel; and false or misleading advertising. If you have solid, documented practices and safety procedures in place, you may be considered a lower risk by a Florida commercial general liability insurance company for liability insurance and therefore be charged lower premiums.

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